Why Norwood Door Systems recommend Garaga

GARAGA garage doors: guaranteed durability, sturdiness and style!

Garaga has been making garage doors for over 30 years. The company is known for the quality and reliability of its products, which meet the highest standards in the industry. Garaga has created the Garaga Experts Network, made up of a select group of professionals who meet stringent requirements for knowledge, experience, and reputation and whose prowess extends from the sales consultants and qualified installation experts through to the customer service personnel and service technicians. At Norwood Door Systems, we are proud to be part of that network, because we believe that with Garaga, you are guaranteed Quality work... time after time! TM

Unrivaled performance

GARAGA garage doors are built to withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of the Massachusetts climate. You should choose the level of insulation for your garage door based on two factors: how the door will be used and the location of your garage in relation to your home. If it is a priority for you to maintain a steady, comfortable temperature inside your garage, you will need a garage door that offers a high level of performance. In that case, an insulation level of R‑12 or R‑16 is recommended.

Sturdiness that stands the test of time

It’s no secret: the injection of polyurethane foam, which forms a perfect seal between the panel walls, is what gives these garage doors their incomparable durability. This type of insulation is extremely dense, and as it is injected, it spreads evenly, quickly expanding and hardening.

To get a better idea of the demands made on your garage door so as to better understand the importance of choosing a quality brand like Garaga, watch the video Garage doors are a tough breed.

Styles adapted to local preferences

We love the variety of door styles and models that Garaga offers. This makes it much easier to come up with some particularly interesting design combinations. Here are a few examples of designs that will give your home a distinguished look.

  • MIX rectangular patterns: with this option, the Standard+ and Acadia 138 models take on a style that is unique, but at the same time, classic. The combination of two motifs of different sizes on the same door is what lends it that touch of distinction.

    Modèle avec motifs MIX
  • XL rectangular patterns: panels are decorated with elongated rectangular motifs. They add an elegantly clean and simple allure to the Standard+, Acadia 138, Alterna (Uniforce), Alterna II (Dualforce) and Triforce models. Without a doubt, these designs have a timeless quality.

    Modèle avec motifs XL
  • LP rustic patterns: this textured style sports vertical lines inside elongated rectangular motifs. Here, the country look rises to a position of honor! If this style appeals to you, the North Hatley and Stratton 138 door models are for you!

    Modèle avec motifs LP
  • Eastman Estate model patterns: these designs are exclusive to the Eastman door model. This collection offers you a choice of 6 different patterns with PVC molding. And if you combine them with decorative hardware and a bay window, the results promise to be spectacular!

    Motifs de la collection Eastman
  • Cambridge model patterns: whether you prefer the traditional, condensed or stretched rectangular design, the Cambridge model will harmonize perfectly with any traditional-style home.

    Modèle avec motifs MIX

Garaga expert dealer network

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