Your Newest Party Spot… The Garage!

Your Newest Party Spot…The Garage!

Party planning always begins with one major decision – where to hold the event. If you are in charge of arranging a party for your family, friends or even your office or other group, it means choosing the right spot. Unfortunately, when the event has many people, your choices shrink and get expensive. On the other hand you may already have the perfect spot for the gathering… your garage! Forget rearranging the furniture in your house or trying to find a rental with the right ratio of space to party guests. The garage lets you have complete control, works even in the rain and lets your imagination run wild in terms of décor and more.

If you have a two‑car garage, it is even better, giving you a space for seating or dancing and another for a buffet or lots of extra room. Here are some good tips when using the garage as the ultimate party spot…

The Importance of Cleaning and Concealing

No garage is free of clutter or items not friendly to parties, like lawnmowers, bikes and more. The simplest way to "conceal" them is to move them outdoors and secure them beneath a tarp until the party is done.

The next thing to do is get rid of the dust and cobwebs that pile up so fast in most garages. A shop vacuum and broom are your best tools and can be used to dust the ceilings, rafters, walls and floors. You may want to wash any windows and even clean the lights – changing bulbs if needed.

And what about the "big" things you can’t move, like the hot water heater or furnace? We suggest using clothesline, white sheets and clothespins to create a light‑reflecting wall that prevents any crowding and could even be good as a movie screen or slide show area!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

The first "layer" of decorating is the seating and dining furniture. Borrow all you need, but rent if you cannot get enough seating or good sized chairs. Folding chairs can be affordably rented, and if the budget is too slim, just ask some guests to bring chairs.

Consider making the entrance into the garage part of the décor. For example, if the weather is good, café tables and chairs just outside are nice, making the drive a dance floor could work or simply line a walk with torches or lumiere bags, balloons and streamers or other décor. Holiday lights can be arranged to frame out certain area, too. You should also map out your floor plan for any entertainment and sound system use.

The next thing to consider is the "catering" and most people benefit from using the garage because they so often have a spare refrigerator ideal for drinks and food storage.

About That Food

Finally, your party is likely to have a theme and that should apply to the food. If the crowd is big and casually friendly, spare yourself headaches by making it a "pot luck" in which each guest brings a dish. Alternatively, go with finger foods to cut down on prep and costs. Drinks can be as simple as bottled water, canned soda and beer or wine. Even the old "BYOB" approach is okay with the right groups.

Be Courteous

If you live in a neighborhood in which your neighbors may be disturbed by the party, parking, music or noise, you should alert them to the fact that the party is occurring and let them know what time it will end. You may even want to invite them!


A party in the garage makes life a lot easier, but you also have to consider the garage door. Make sure it is in good working order, get it a good tune‑up, or even consider an update. You can get service and advice when you contact us at (781) 270‑5066.

We are happy to give you a no obligation quotation via email or come by and explain your options. You can also find inspiration at our online design center, or by looking at our image gallery.

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