3 Benefits to a Side-Mount Garage Door Opener

Is it time to replace your garage door opener? Are you hoping to gain space in your garage? Do you want to achieve both at the same time?

Time to figure out which garage door opener model you need to buy.

There are a lot of models of garage door openers out there. The best way to select one is by sorting your specific needs, budget, and garage space. All of these things will help you make your choice.

Before we go further, realize that there are garage door opener types other than trolley operators. A little over a decade ago, side-mount models were created, and they now go by many names, such as wall-mount or jackshaft models.

Learning about side-mount openers

Wall-mounted garage door openers are installed on the garage door's sidewall. They have a lot of similarities to trolly operators, but very different internals. Wall-mounted garage door openers are connected directly to the torsion shaft which is mounted above the door to hold a torsion counterbalance system. When you open and close the garage door, the shaft turns.

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model.

Like this jackshaft-type garage door opener? This is the LiftMaster 8500W model.

These types of wall-mounted garage door openers are aesthetically pleasing and have several advantages over other openers. Although they tend to cost more than central garage door openers, the benefits far outweigh the price!

Create space in your garage

It’s time to spring clean your life and get rid of all those things you’ve been holding on to and forgotten about. Now’s the time to get rid of them. We’re here to help you do so—it’s time to declutter your life!

Remove unwanted and unneeded items

You’ve been holding on to that pincushion and those bean bag chairs for a “rainy day,” but guess what—the sun is shining! It’s time to get rid of those things that you’ve stored and never used.

If you’re struggling to do so, read this blog before you proceed to declutter your garage. After reading it, you should be willing to ask yourself the following three things:

  1. If I needed it, could I find it?
  2. How much would it cost to buy another?
  3. What are the chances that I’ll need it? And is it actually a “need”?

And, if you declutter your life, you’ll increase your health! According to WebMD, an American healthcare information services website, cleaning up your space can:

Increase your concentration

If you clear your life of distractions and things that take away your focus, you’ll be able to stay on task and get more work done without an issue. Declutter your life and watch your productivity go through the roof.

Feel better about yourself

If you’re more organized, you’ll get more things done. If you get more things done, you’ll be less stressed. Without your obligations dragging you down, you’ll be able to feel better about yourself.

Increase your bonds

If you have a messy space, you’re unlikely to invite people over. When this happens, your social life will suffer. But if you clean up your life and your house, you’ll see more of your loved ones. And keeping a clean space can help you stay in the good graces of your housemates (if you have them).

Reduce allergic reactions and asthma

Housecleaning improves your indoor ventilation and reduces allergens in your home. An accumulation of dust, pollen, animal hair, and mold can be harmful to people with respiratory problems.

Increase your mental state

If your life is decluttered, your mind will quickly follow. Allow yourself a way to easily clear your mind and you’ll find yourself able to fall asleep faster. Also, if you’re feeling better and have a cleaner kitchen, you might even start cooking healthier meals.

Overpacked and unorganized garage.

Would you work in this environment? Imagine all the space you can save if you organize and clutter all your things! Image from Unsplash.

The best way to see what you have is to clear everything out. It’s best to do this in stages so that you can easily organize your possessions into the following piles: keep, donate, sell, or throw in the garbage. Give yourself time to do this, as it can take upwards of a day to do so depending on the size of your garage, the number of things you have, and your work speed!

Once your garage is completely cleared out, you’ll be able to clean your floors and shelves. You’ll also be able to see the space in its completely empty configuration, which will allow you to visualize how you want to put your stuff back.

Check for hazardous materials

Once you clear out your garage, you might feel tempted to fill it willy-nilly with whatever you can get your hands on. However, be aware that some items should not be kept there.

Here’s a list of 15 things you shouldn’t store in your garage if you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises. This will also ensure that your space is safe and free from any hazards.

These items can fall into three main categories:

Hazardous objects or substances

Oily rags, propane tanks, gasoline

Things that attract insects and small rodents

Pet food, books, firewood, bedding, toys

Delicate and precious items vulnerable to weather

Electronics, printed photographs, essential documents, wine, clothes, canned food

Look up organizational tips

If you’re really trying to maximize your space, it helps to install your garage door opener on the wall. This will free up your ceiling space, as you won’t have to make room for the components of a trolley opener.

There are also loads of garage storage products you can buy at an affordable price. This blog from a home improvement project magazine gives you great ideas on how to take full advantage of your ceiling space and newly-clean garage. From simple coated hooks for bikes to mounted shelves with plastic bins, there are plenty of options.

IMPORTANT! Jackshaft-type garage door openers work with every type of ceiling but do their best work if you have a high—almost cathedral—type ceiling. You only need to leave at least 8 inches of space on one side of your garage door, which is not much room at all.

Trolley garage door openers take too much overhead space.

Imagine how much space this woman could have if she’d removed the shelves on the side! Maximize your overhead garage storage by choosing a wall-mounted garage door opener instead!

Prioritize safety

All types of garage door openers come with a photoelectric reversal system. This system is what forces the garage to reopen if something crosses its path as it is closing. With wall-mounted operators, this safety system is built upon as well, because wall-mounted garage door openers don’t have any freestanding moving parts. All their equipment is covered by a box, which means that children and small animals can’t get injured by the internal mechanics.

Jackshaft garage door openers are also quieter, so if your garage shares a wall or ceiling with a room that needs to keep the volume down, you’ll be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

MyQ security camera

Although side-mount garage door openers don’t come with a security camera, you can purchase one and install it. We highly recommend you buy the myQ intelligent camera from LiftMaster.

As this is an intelligent camera, it will allow you to control it from any device you have access to, just by using the myQ app. As soon as the camera detects movement, you’ll get a notification that will alert you—no matter where in the world you are. This will allow you to always keep your house safe.

There are more aspects of this camera, so check them out on LiftMaster’s website!

LiftMaster MyQ application to control your garage door opener and keep an eye on your house.

Control any movement around your garage with the myQ app from LiftMaster.

Less time spent on repairs

A large benefit of a side-mount garage door opener is that it doesn’t require as much upkeep. Because it has fewer moving parts and because it doesn’t have a trolley rail system, there are fewer elements of it that you must lubricate.

You also don’t have to worry about cleaning or adjusting belts or chains regularly as you would do with a trolley-type operator. And, since wall-mounted systems are on the wall, you don’t have to risk injury by using a stepladder to check on it.

Because wall-mounted openers are closer to the ground, it’s easier to avoid lubricant spills and stains. This way, it’s easier to avoid fire hazards, and in doing so, you’ll increase your safety.

If you want to relax, it’s time to get yourself a wall-mounted operator!

A picture showing where is the photoelectric safety reverse system on your garage door and what it does

You like this jackshaft-type garage door opener? This is the LiftMaster 8500 model.

Want help with your purchase?

It doesn’t matter what type of garage door opener you’re looking into, but make sure you’ve done your research. All residential models have distinct features and it can seem impossible to sort through all the information.

That’s where we come in! Call us at 781-769-8988!

If you don’t know where to start or need assistance to understand garage door terminology, our specialists at Norwood Door Systems will be glad to help you! Just contact us during our opening hours!

We understand that each client has a different budget, vision, and idea when it comes to their garage doors. If you work with us, we’ll tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and take the time to answer all your questions. Afterward, we can even provide you with a free quotation based on what we’ve discussed.

Maybe you’re also looking into buying a larger garage door as well. If this is the case, check out our photo gallery if you’re scratching your head and hoping for inspiration. We have had many clients in your area and have helped them carry out the home project of their dreams.

We want to help you, too!

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